“I thought you guys was some big group that just does events in small towns like Marianna for attention. My attitude was that they are just gonna run us through with the, ‘you can be anything speech’ and tell us some sappy story of someone else. WRONG!!!! Writing for the Soul Workshop brought life back into my passion for words and my outlook on my life. Thank you!” -Cameron, 17


Hello, my name is Eric Jones, and I am the creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™. This is not your average writing program. Our focus is not academics, yet students who access our program begin to do better academically. When engaged, the writing program becomes a safe haven for writers to simply get what’s on the inside …out. Misspelled words and all.

How was your day?

No one gets through life unscathed. Experiences that cause sorrow, pain, rejection, loss and fear touch us all. A happy, healthy, successful life isn’t the result of accidental circumstance; the thoughtful and deliberate use of available tools determines our ultimate outcomes. Would you like to have a happier, healthier and more successful life? Would you like a simple, easy to use tool proven to help overcome even the most painful experiences of life? The online journal below, is exactly that tool.

Use your Online Journal below to share your day, or simply just to vent. In one year, we’ll publish your entries in a beautiful ebook for you.

No worries. Your journal is encrypted. No one can see it but you and Eric, creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™. Each day, Eric will email you a motivational message encouraging you to journal. Simply select a feeling word describing how you feel, and then write about your day. Need help with a feeling word? To see our Feeling Vocabulary, click here: Feeling Words