Since 2009, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has enhanced the quality of life for many. Throughout the years one thing I’ve learned is that no matter our differences, we all go through a lot in life. Some of us more than others.

Hi, my name is Eric. As creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™, I’ve discovered a better way to deliver my writing program. Write Now! is like accessing Writing for the Soul Workshop™ from the palm of your hand. Literally.

Students demonstrate emotional intelligence when processing what they write with our mentors. In the photo above, Eric is pictured processing with a student at Metro Opportunity in Fort Worth.

The writing program has been effective in schools, churches, Boys & Girls Club, and various other organizations. The impact is the same everywhere we go: many begin the healing process from whatever pain they’re feeling inside. They stop cutting, selling drugs, being promiscuous, bullying, and most importantly, they develop a love of writing to help them process all of their experiences in a healthy way.

Our program is listed in the only National Database of quality mentoring programs. Write Now! will give students access to a mentor day or night.

What I Need

The cost to develop the Write Now! App is $9,700 with a timeline of 8 weeks from start to completion. I also need an additional $1,100 to fund the internship program that will test and promote Write Now! relentlessly. 432 new subscribers to our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ eBook Shelf would fund the development of our App. Include our ebooks as part of your digital library today. Subscribe now.

What You Get

For $25, you get a one-year subscription to access our entire collection of ebooks by Writing for the Soul Workshop™. During checkout enter coupon code: WRITENOW *Offer limited to first 500 subscribers.

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Deep down, do you like helping people? Me too. Your subscription to our eBook Shelf along with my proven and evidence-based mentoring program can help a lot of people live a better life.

Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, our ebooks will leave you inspired and changed, like the authors that penned them.