Are you seeking something that your business does not give you? Something no a mount of money or milestone has been able to fill? Then do something different …do something amazing.

Through Writing for the Soul Workshop™, we’re not just creating tomorrow’s writers today …we’re creating entrepreneurs. Become an Associate and experience the impact of exposing your brand and products to a new and vibrant sector through the unique and innovative products and services distributed through Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and our Affiliates Program.

This program is amazing! As an entrepreneur in start-up, I really don’t have the time or manpower to market my brand like I know I should. I joined this program to help the kids, but the exposure I’ve gotten from being an associate is phenomenal! I love the way they market the blog that they created for me while I focus on other things. Thank you Writing for the Soul Workshop™! –Kenya Williams, Primerica

The Associates Rewards Program is based on a one time commitment for life, and offers rewards in a tiered structure based on the amount of your contribution. Here is what you get with our most popular package:

Associate Rewards Title Sponsor

Rewards are:

*Title Recognition- Recognition as the Title Sponsor of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in one of our newest eBook releases. Because our books are digital, including a full- color interactive page for you is immediate and easy.

*Television & Radio- Mention on all television and radio appearances.

*Print- Your brand logo inclusion on our posters and flyers.

*Signage- Prominent banner and signage display on-site during book signings and workshops; table tents with brand logo on bars, tables, etc.

*Web- A blog page with banner; hyperlink and/or Contact Form to own company site. Our marketing team promote our Associate blogs weekly. (Click here to see an example.)

*Merchandising- Your Brand logo displayed on promotional merchandise and in gift bags. Merchandise includes 1500 Download Cards of The Bully Diaries eBook that will be distributed to a Boys & Girls Club Unit of your choice. 1500 members will get a copy of this life-saving eBook at NO cost to them in YOUR honor customized with your logo on the back of each card. Bullying has become an epidemic of epic proportions. Almost 1 child per hour for the last 7 years has ended their precious life due to a bully. The Bully Diaries has prevented bullycides here in the US and in Perth, Australia.

Here’s an interview from one of our young authors that took a stand against bullying by sharing her story in The Bully Diaries as part of our #writeforthesilent project with Stand for the Silent. The Bully Diaries along with Stories of Hope are featured during our Summer Tour. Take a look:

Our Associates Program enables us to provide Writing for the Soul Workshop™ youth, and youth with adult responsibilities (YARS) at no cost to them. The funding generated by this program also allows us to identify, train and certify other Program Providers to offer Writing for the Soul Workshop™ to children and families that need it the most, but can’t afford it. Your membership also allows us to do things like provide travel vouchers to our participants and their parents to attend events like our 2015-12016 Book Signing Tour. Associates like you also help us to fund our “No Child Leaves Hungry” Program. We feed every participant at every workshop.

Most all of the participants that join our writing program, do it for the money. You’d be surprised to know that when they first join, the majority of them don’t like to write. Of course they quickly develop a love of writing, but they also learn how to successfully market and promote our programs and books published by Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

Our young Affiliates will market your brand to a more vibrant sector during our book signings, special events and when selling their own stories. Marketing includes a vast global social network, Affiliate’s family & friends as well as in their schools, churches and their communities.

Our Global Community Partnerships give us a Market Segment of over 6 million for The Bully Diaries alone. Expose your Brand to a more vibrant sector today while impacting our your young writers. Act now and save $500 when you become a Title Sponsor. This package  retails at $3,999.99. Promotion ends 12/31/15. Enter Coupon Code: mybrand2015 during checkout to save $500 off your Title Sponsor Rewards Package today.

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