Jedediah Reloaded – As a Hebrew by birth awakening from the slumber of religion, Jedediah is wanted for murders that he didn’t commit. Prepare to get delightfully lost in the pages of this thriller as he shares the tale of his arrest for the murders of the Mayor’s daughter, a decorated Kansas City Narcotics Detective and a college student. Will Jedediah’s head on collision with a bad cop cost him his freedom …or maybe even his life? 

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About the Author

Writing is like recovery to me.  It is a journey of both despair and victory.  The process can be hard.  When we find ourselves face to face with our lifelong hurts, hang-ups, and baits, the situation can seem bleak.  This is the reality of writing, but not the beauty of it.  For me, the beauty of writing is what happens when you get what is on the inside …out.  It sets me free.  Free to share my hurts, my failure, and my pain through the words and characters that I created in this body of fiction. –Eric L. Jones, Sr.

Eric is the owner of TGIM Digital Publishing and founder of Writing for the Soul Workshop™. He currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri.


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