As a business owner, it is imperative to make every dollar spent for your business a smart and efficient investment.  As a consumer, it is equally important to know that every dollar spent counts, especially when budgets are tight.  It’s no surprise then that companies and consumers look for ways to stretch the impact of every dollar.  One of the ways that consumers make those spending decisions is based on how a company supports the community and philanthropic organizations.  As a business, both customers and potential employees are influenced by how the business supports the community.

“When a company invests in their community and beyond, and empowers their employees to do the same, they can see returns across the board. Employees want to work for companies that are committed to making the world better, customers want to spend money with these companies, and can also attract board members that can truly make even more of a difference.” -Linda Novick O’Keefe, Huffington Post

As a business, The Pink Rose Tribute provides a great opportunity to help support the local community, support a worthy cause, and open a vibrant new sector of potential customers.   This impact can happen by simply becoming a sponsor or by showcasing your products and brand as a vendor at the Pink Rose Tribute on October 24, 2015 at Wing Lovers USA. (Click here to learn more about the Pink Rose Tribute.) This special event in Leawood, Kansas is sure to be an  unforgettable evening that will honor Breast Cancer Survivors through ARTISTRY.

Wing Lovers USA

An incredible evening such as this wouldn’t be complete without an incredible meal. USA Wing Lovers’ Owner, Christopher Galloway will serve a full course meal that includes Salad, Grilled Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes and Desert. Do something different. Market your Brand as a Vender only $25, or reach an even more vibrant sector as a Sponsor. Our most popular sponsorship package is our Pink Rose Sponsorship Package. This is what you get:

*Web- Banner presence on and with hyperlink to own company site and a team dedication to sharing your page across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the life of our company.

*Merchandising- Your Brand logo displayed on promotional merchandise and in gift bags for The Pink Rose Tribute. Merchandise includes 500 downloads of the Stories of Hope: The Pink Rose Tribute eBook that will be distributed to The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

*Advertisement- Interactive color ad in both Stories of Hope: The Pink Rose Tribute soft cover and eBook. This markets your Brand to a vibrant sector for the entire shelf-life of the title. This marketing will more than likely out live you and your Brand.

500 University of Kansas Cancer Center patients will get a copy of this life-saving eBook at NO cost to them in YOUR honor.

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