There are amazing stories of how youth programs have impacted the lives of both youth, and those that serve them. There are thousands of organizations and programs like Writing for the Soul Workshop™  dedicated to help improve the lives of our youth.  Yet, youth today feel alienated.  If you search blogs or twitter for youth programs, you will ultimately find that the Millennial Generation is asking for programs that they can be involved in, and ways to impact the community.  Why the disconnect?  Because many youth programs today lack a key ingredient to get their youth attracted and involved.  What is it?  Heart.

Talking about the cornerstones of successful youth programs, the Will Stegerson foundation reminds us,

“In order to reach a kid, you’ve got the meet them where they are. And if you can meet them where they are, then you can take them somewhere else.”

If you don’t have the heart to meet your participants where they are, it is highly likely that your program retention rate will decrease, and source funding will dry up.

Successful programs let youth know first and foremost that they want to understand where they are -that they care about each participant, their voice and their struggle.  Showing heart is the first step to creating an engaging relationship with youth participants, and opening them to more possibilities and ideas.  If you look at any “successful” youth program today, that engagement is always the starting point.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers an organization the ability to show heart, to truly engage the community they want to impact on a personal level, by giving them a platform to tell their story, and then offering them the ability to share their story with the world, and impact others.  During a Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Expo, participants produce at least one piece with the option of group publishing, but more important, they have the opportunity to learn valuable skills, and are exposed to opportunities for group publishing and earning income as a TGIM Affiliate.  One participant of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ said this:

“Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has done the most for me. It has impacted me and changed me in more ways than I could have thought. I thank the people who helped me. I am different because of them and my writing.” -Gary

Test drive our writing program to see if it would make a viable component to what your organization already has in place. For more information about Writing for the Soul Workshop™, use the Contact Form below to connect with us.

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