Small businesses create two out of every three jobs in this country. Multi-national corporations are net job destroyers, but ironically that’s where most money is invested. Small businesses like TGIM Digital Publishing provide a lot of benefits that big companies don’t.  We work to keep more money circulating in the local economy. It’s called the “local multiplier effect.” We spend more locally in terms of wages, and spending on professional services like accounting and web design. We support the Little League teams, advertise in local media, and give to local charities. Every dollar spent at a local-owned business generates, on average, three times the economic benefits for a local community than one dollar spent at a corporate-owned chain store.

In order to create these impacts here in the US, Africa, Asia and Australia where our programs are offered, TGIM is looking for a small capital infusion of $7,000.00. This will allow us to provide support and much needed Inventory for the youth and young adults participating in our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program. As a program participant, they also get to sell books written by Writing for the Soul Workshop™ as part of our Affiliates Program. Our Affiliates earn 41% of their book sales. This further enhances the multiplier effect on the local community, as profits are spent not only by TGIM and our Community Partners, but also by our Affiliates.

TGIM Digital Publishing has entered an exciting time in our company’s growth, with the addition of key community partners like Stand for the Silent and Boys and Girls Club. These two community partners alone, have created exponential growth for us. Over 9,000,000 youth and young adults now have access to our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and Affiliates Program. This growth has created a demand for TGIM to equip them with Sales Catalogs, Order Forms, and resources to sell and earn money. We are not looking to even print a million pieces right now. What we are looking for is an infusion to get going. Our young Affiliates are counting on us to do just that. Perhaps, you can help!


About our Market Base

TGIM created our Premier Service: Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in direct response to the growing number of young people that are considered “at risk” based on their family or social circumstances. Our current market base is organizations that work towards the same goals, primarily nonprofit organizations that focus on youth mentoring, development, and safety. To understand more of our current markets and reach, we have highlighted 3 key markets based on our current infrastructure and community partnerships.

1. Our target market consists of mentoring organizations (Non Profits), Ministry Based Organizations, Judicial Court Systems, and Schools in Kansas City, St. Louis, the Joplin 4 State Area, Africa, Asia and in Australia where our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program is currently offered. The four states are Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, which accounts for over 20,000 potential organizations for our market, with $17 Billion reported in Income for 2010.

Stand For The Silent exists as a platform that has allowed Kirk and his wife Laura to travel and speak to over a 1,000,000,000 kids.
Stand For The Silent exists as a platform that has allowed Kirk and his wife Laura to travel and speak to over a 1,000,000 kids.

2. Community Partner Stand for the Silent brings a network of over 1,000,000 documented supporters and more than 1,200 schools and organizations. This network offers a key base of customer’s and workshop participants to engage in our sales program. This is an international network with strong support in English speaking countries such as Australia, as well as European countries such as Sweden and Norway.

Eric Jones, Developer of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and Kristine celebrate with a photo at The Musgrave Unit in Springfield where the workshop was offered as a Behavioral Health & Academic Success Program.
Eric Jones, Developer of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and Kristine celebrate with a photo at The Musgrave Unit in Springfield where the workshop was offered as a Behavioral Health & Academic Success Program.  “Every community needs a program like this.” -S. Roberts, City of Springfield Mayor

3. Boys and Girls Club currently offers our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ as an Academic Success Program, opening a network of over 5,000,000 Boys and Girls club members and alumni nationwide, plus US Military installations around the world. Both the Boys and Girls Club and Stand For The Silent offers a network of celebrity supporters to help increase the impact of our program there.

To this point, our core management team has maintained our customer engagement, answering calls from customers and participants, as well as supporting and tracking our Affiliate sales. In order to build our inventory and better support our Affiliates, we would use this capital investment in the following ways:

Item Amount
Purchase inventory. (Soft Covers, Hardback, and Audio Books) $3,000.00
Implementation of Share a Sale to streamline Affiliate program Tracking $600.00
Implementation of the Sales platform $700.00
Marketing and Materials Printing, including our 2015-2016 Affiliates Catalogue, Order Forms and Brochures $2,000.00
Distribution costs to deliver books sold by Affiliates $700.00
Total $7,000.00

The $7,000.00 infusion will allow us to equip 300 Stand for the Silent Charters in the US and Australia with copies of The Bully Diaries to sell as source funding so they can continue to tour schools regardless of their ability to pay them. They raise much needed operating capital and TGIM earns in the process. This infusion will also allow us to equip 5,000 children participating in our program in Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Sydney, Isiolo, Mombasa, Embu, the Philippines and Karachi, Pakistan with the ability to earn money from the orders they take. Some will save for college, but the majority will use their profits to stimulate local economies –spending it on clothes, groceries, family needs, movies and more. As they sell the books and use the catalogs to take orders, profits will allow TGIM to get more printed materials and books, and then get in the hands of more youth and young adults that make up our current sales force of over 5 million through these two key Community Partners alone: Stand for the Silent and the Boys & Girls Club.

Based on the strength of our Community Partner segments and our Affiliates Program, our conservative sales projections show that TGIM will easily be able to pay back this investment using the 2015-2016 Catalog and Order Forms alone. Here’s how:

Our worst sellers average 3 book orders per campaign. This usually always includes selling a book to mom and dad, or a grandparent, teacher and neighbor. TGIM earns a profit of just over $3 on our lowest priced book in the catalog. 2,000 X 3 = 6,000 units sold for a net profit of $18,000.00. This is based on a very conservative theory that less than half of the 5,000 Affiliates will participate. It will be a much higher participation rate because unlike a school fundraiser where they earn a toy when they sell, with us -THEY EARN REAL MONEY.

In return for Investment, TGIM will return $7,000.00 plus 15% for a total return of $8,050.00 in 18 months from the day of investment. We will also include our Platinum Elite Associates Package along with your return. Our Platinum Elite Package retails at $2,749.99. That is a profit of $3,799.99! Not  to mention all the lives you will impact.

As a Platinum Elite Member, we will extend your brand, (or the brand that you choose) -even further by including your business during our radio and TGIM Online TV broadcasts, exposing your business to new customers in a vibrant new market. As a Platinum Elite Member, benefits include:

*Radio- Inclusion on all radio commercials and appearances.

*Print- Your brand logo inclusion in our catalogs.

*Signage- Prominent banner and signage display on-site during book signings; table tents with brand logo on bars, tables, etc.

*Web- Banner presence on website; hyperlink to own company site.

*Merchandising- Your Brand logo displayed on promotional merchandise and in gift bags.

*Advertisement- Interactive color ad in the next release of our Best Selling “Pieces of Me” series.


Boys & Girls Youtube Video

Program Provider Testimonial



I loved the workshop because I got to write what I wanted. I am glad that I can write that I am an author on my resume for a job. I had fun when we to Vintage Stock to sign books. I also liked it when I sold all the books that I did. -M. Cormican, Student

I’ve been attending the workshop every Monday. I really like it! It helps me get stuff out on paper and not keep it inside.  -T. Hill, Student


This is an opportunity to connect with our students outside of the parameters of school and promote literacy. The workshop offers instruction in writing, illustration, publishing, and marketing. The students will have a chance to become a published author through group and individual projects. The workshop gives them a platform from which to speak to the world. It also gives the facilitators a chance to demonstrate love and acceptance.   -N. Austin, Educator in Missouri

For more information complete the Contact Form below. You can also reach out to the owner direct by calling 816.516.0974.

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