TGIM Digital Publishing is offering a unique opportunity for Part Time or Full Time Fundraising Coordinators to create, and implement fundraising campaigns to support the expansion of our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program. After 7 years of development, we’re ready to take our program to the next level. The compensation for this position will start as performance based, with clear goals and guidelines outlined by our Fiscal Sponsor to ensure transparency in the process.

Although many professional fundraisers feel that performance based fundraising is inappropriate, we’re seeking to establish a different type of platform to create grassroots support for the program and help generate the initial funding needed to establish a permanent fundraising development team offering base pay plus performance incentives.

Structuring this position to start as performance based ensures the needed funding to expand Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and ensure our participants continue to attend the workshops free of cost, as we continue to develop operations and establish the non-profit division of our company. We are not looking for blanket cold calling, or outbound telemarketing solutions, rather a committed individual that can help establish long-term, sustainable fundraising guidelines and relationships to move our program to the next level.

If you have a passion for helping others, and are excited about unlimited earning opportunities for a new and exciting program, please send your resume to

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