I normally wake up to loud yelling, but today something was strange. My mama, little brother and my little sisters were all still in bed. None of them were moving, so I went to try to wake them up. This all felt funny. Something was definitely NOT right.

I tried to wake up my mama, and she didn’t wake up so I pulled her cover off her face. It wasn’t my mother!!! It was  a strange lady and her kids in my mama house! So, I asked the strange lady, “What you doing in my house?” She said “I live here.”

“NO I LIVE HERE!” So we going back and forward until I finally asked, “If you live here, then what’s the address of this house?” She paused for a minute, and then she went to wake her kids up. She told them, “Get all of your stuff, we’re leaving. This is not our house. We’re staying in other people house’s using their heat and water. We stay on the street …we don’t deserve a home.” I told the woman to wait. “What you want Ms?”

“Y’all lived on the street, but it’s cold out there.” The woman said, “Kayla, I’ve been homeless since I had my first child. I’ve had to sell my body for money to buy my kids diapers and food. I comforted her saying, “Ma’Ma your worries and homeless is going away. You won’t be worrying and homeless anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that God got a blessing and it’s coming straight to you Ms.Lady.” When I told her that, I then gave her money so she could buy some food and get a motel room so her and her kids could live in there.

One day, God told me to get up and go check on her and her kids. So, I left my home and headed to the motel. On the way, something told me to stop by the bank. I went by the bank, and made a withdrawal. I then got back in my car, and headed to the motel.

Just as I reached the door to their room God said, “Kayla, give the woman all that money that you withdrew from the bank. She needs it”. So, I gave it to her. It was enough for a deposit on a house, clothes and food for her kids. She said, “Thank you Kayla so much for this!!! You have a blessing coming towards you!” I replied, “You’re welcome. Some people go through the same thing you’re going through. But now, your life is changing because God is doing what He can to fix the earth.”

Some time passed, when I stopped by the woman’s house. She had clothes, food, a couch, etc. The woman is living right and everything.

My Impact To Help Fund our Programs

“Makayla needed a phone to access the training we provide to our interns online. We were able to give her an iPhone to ensure she has the tools and resources Makayla needs to be successful.”

My name is Makayla, and I am a student at McClellan Magnet High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. When I joined Writing for the Soul Workshop™, I simply wanted to write stories to encourage kids like me. But when I was selected for the Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Internship Program, I realized that I could do so much more to help them.

As an intern here at Writing for the Soul Workshop™, I’m learning skills in sales that will give me an edge in the career that I choose later in life. But the best part of my job is giving away copies of books published by our writing program. Every donation I secure, or sale I make means that one of my peers will get life-saving books for free.

Donate TodayWriting for the Soul Workshop™ is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ are tax‐deductible to the extent permitted by law. You can support our work by clicking on the “Donate Today” button to make a one-time contribution.

If you would like to partner with me to donate one or more copies of our books to students in my community, use the Contact Form below to connect with me. Together, we just might save a life.

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