We have a tie for first place in book sales this month! Sykyla and Jakyia Williams are sisters, and they access our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in Moro, Arkansas at New Life Ministries. Sykyla’s story is featured in our book entitled ‘This Thing Called Life: Life Inside the Ring‘, and Jakyia’s story is featured in ‘The Bully Diaries‘.

Students around the world submit their stories in our writing program, a some go on to join our Affiliate’s Program. As an affiliate, students like Sykyla and Jakyia earn $3 from every book or eBook they sell direct. Our affiliates also earn when a customer enters their unique coupon code during checkout from our online store.

As our Top Book Sellers, Sykyla and Jakyia will earn a bonus on their payout on the 5th. We’re not only creating writers, we’re creating entrepreneurs. So proud of you ladies!

(From Left to Right) Cassidy, Sykyla, Ms. Williams and Jakyia pose for a picture during our first workshop at New Life Ministries in Moro, AR. The program is facilitated by Ms. Williams.

Affiliates Program

Our Affiliates Program is a great way for you to earn money by selling stories that you submit to our Writing for the Soul Workshop™. We provide you with five-star support to help you every step of the way. Ages 13 & up!

You are our future business leaders and innovators, so we know the importance of helping you to increase your Social Media and sales skills.  Our Affiliates program will help you learn important skills you will use for  a lifetime.

As an Affiliate, you have an opportunity to earn great commissions, while supporting Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and our programs, all at NO COST TO YOU!

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