Meet Vincent Omondi. He’s our Community Coordinator on the ground in Kenya. He’s worked hard to help students at Touch Life Children Centre in Nairobi, access our Writing for the Soul Workshop™. Touch Life Children Centre is situated in the Korogocho Slums in Kasarani Constituency.

Korogocho is one of the largest slum neighborhoods of NairobiKenya. Home to 150,000 to 200,000 people pressed into 1.5 square kilometers, northeast of the city centre. Korogocho was founded as a shanty town on the then outskirts of the city. It is approximately 1km from Kariobangi Terminus. Touch Life Children Centre is located just opposite of the Damascus Primary school.  It goes without saying that the children in this high-risk part of the world NEED our writing program.


“My name is Ben, and I live in Embu, Kenya. I have been a member of writing for the soul workshops for one year now and my story is in Pieces of Me. I have written several stories of my own experience when I was 10 years, and I believe it helped me to look ahead and forget what I had suffered. Other boys write stories which I read and I enjoy to learn I ‘m not alone in this world. Sometimes we share our problems and then think about them. I ask my teacher questions about life, and he guide me in every issue. I believe writing for souls has helped many youth who could have been drug addicts or even worse. I thank you the people who thought about it.”  -Ben age 14, Student

Since launching Writing for the Soul Workshop™ at Touch Life, we’ve seen an increase in participation of nearly 300%. Not just with youth, but with young adults as well. Just like here in the US, our goal remains the same:  improve academic and behavioral performance through writing. We can’t do that without funding. Funding that is needed badly to buy food and the basic necessities for these students that most of us take for granted.

You can help by donating to the school directly on our GoFundMe page, and by sharing this link:

You can also send relief directly to Children Touch Life Centre. They need clothing items and shoes (all sizes), class room supplies, three laptops, printer with ink, and a camera.

touch-life-logoC/O Vincent Omondi

Touch Life Children Centre

PO BOX 52-00507 Nairobi, Kenya


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