Through a unique and innovative community partnership with Stand for the Silent, we adapted our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program to give children and adults impacted by bullying a voice. The memoirs, art and poetry that we collected from around the world included the disabilities community, and was compiled in The Bully Diaries Volume I. This life-saving book is part of our Pieces of Me series.

Our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ philosophy is based on the fact that powerful emotions have a powerful voice; and that when we get what is on the inside out, we take control of those feelings. Self-confidence is one of the best defenses against bullying, and sharing those experiences not only showed survivors that they are not alone, but has literally saved lives. Here’s a testimonial from a mother in Australia:

” …What I did not realize was how unwell my beautiful daughter had become. How sad she was, and how much pain she carried inside her. It happened around the same time she’d gotten bullied very badly. She went through hell every day, and out of her concern for me -she did not want to worry me. So she hid it behind a fake smile and kept her battle and pain inside her. Her grief was and still is today very present. 

She went through so much agony inside her soul. So much pain that she felt there was no way out and she struggled to find peace. In September, she planned her very last day. She said goodbye to everyone. She was ready to return to heaven. But it was not meant to be.

Everyday I am so grateful that she did not succeed.

(These sentences took a lot of tears to write.)

I feel like I left her alone when she needed me most. I am so angry with myself for not being able to protect her from all this. Each time I see new cuts on her wrist, thighs, belly or chest …I’m lost. I feel like I failed because I was not able to protect her from her pain. Will I ever be able to forgive myself? Not sure, but I hope what’s more important is that she can forgive me.

I quit my job and focused on her, trying wherever I could to help her recovery. It is still present. It happens that one day at school, they watched the movie “Bully” and in this movie (she related very much to) she came across the organization ” Stand for the Silent “. She liked them on Facebook. They had a project running with Writing for the Soul Workshop to submit “their story” for publishing in The Bully Diaries, I did not know she submitted her story until I received an e-mail from the publisher saying that her story had been chosen to be published.

Wow! You cannot imagine how proud I was and still am. When I read her story my heart ripped apart. Never ever had I imagined the pain she carried inside.

As time goes by, she is slowly getting better every day. We hold on to every baby step forward. Her wounds in her soul are deep and the scars on her body will be left forever …but she has a story to tell. A story so deep and meaningful that it will help others to survive and find hope.

I witnessed one of the most horrible thing a parent can ever go through: the suicide attempt of my own child. It has changed a lot for me.

Every one deserves to be happy, to be recognized and to be someone. To be heard when spoken. The silence has been far too long. I’ve found strength and I want to break this silence. Through all my experiences with her, I saw how writing can heal. I decided in my heart to fight for the ones who are still invisible and to offer them a place to be seen, understood, heard and welcomed.

I want to raise awareness and to fight the astigmatism of mental health and suicide. I want to do everything possible in my life to help reduce children and teen suicide. No child or teen, nor anyone else deserves to carry so much pain in their soul. It’s time to be free.” -C. N.

The Bully Diaries Volume I

Student poses with her copy of The Bully Diaries
Boys & Girls Club member poses with her free copy of The Bully Diaries with Eric Jones, Creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

Chances are that you experienced bullying in your life.  Whether your experience was as a victim, a bystander, or the bully, if you search your memories, you will probably find instances when bullying was a part of your life.  For many of us, these experiences have defined us and shaped us.  Our experiences made us stronger, and helped us become who we are today.

When you are being bullied, it is hard to think about much more than getting through today. For others, there is no today.  Their experience being bullied was too overwhelming, and drove them to a devastating and permanent solution to the temporary pain. $3 from every soft cover and eBook we sell benefit the life-saving work of our community partner Stand For The Silent, and our writing program. Click here to purchase The Bully Diaries is available on Amazon.

What’s your story?

Will you contribute your story in the next release of The Bully Diaries? Who knows …perhaps YOUR story just may prevent a youth from being the next victim of bullycide. Use the form below to submit your story.

Please do not submit manuscripts that contain any of the following: obscene or explicit material, unnecessary profanity, vulgarity, or inappropriate or graphic love scenes. Any material considered for publication that is found to be graphic will require a mandatory edit of the material and may result in a rejection of the material.

Please note that we do not publish graphic material. Therefore, you may be asked to remove graphic material or language. If you choose to submit by postal mail, those manuscripts will not be returned and will be deleted or destroyed if not accepted for publication. Please retain at least one copy of your manuscript when submitting a hard copy or electronic version for our consideration and review.  You may use the Contact Form below, or mail your submission to: Writing for the Soul Workshop™, 204 East 4th Street, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114. Click here to read and share our: News Release: Writing Program is Collecting Stories for The Bully Diaries Volume II .

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