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As an extension of our writing program, we’ve created Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Online. It’s free and easy. Our online classes are powered by Storybird.

Storybird allows us to create a safe, positive community for creativity while you access Writing for the Soul Workshop™ online to write your stories. You will find new friends from across the globe, and discover their stories too. It’s a great and safe way for our participants, mentors, family and friends to stay connected.

Use Storybird to write stories or poetry using beautiful artwork as inspiration. You will LOVE Storybird. And as developer of Writing for the Soul Workshop™, we love how it builds literacy, creativity and digital citizenship, all within a safe environment that respects data privacy. Millions of students around the world use Storybird, and it gets a 5-star rating from Common Sense Media.

Storybird starts with images first to inspire your story. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Browse artwork and get inspired. Choose an illustrator, or search for a portfolio of images using keywords. Click on lightning bolt located in the bottom right corner of the picture you choose to begin your story.

Step Two: Choose a format.

  1. Picture books (more art, less text)
  2. Longform (chapters, less art)
  3. Poetry (one image, select words)

Step Three: Tell your story. Drag and drop images onto your picture book as you write. Use the Insert button to illustrate long-form chapters. Refresh word sets and art to create visual poetry

Step Four: Publish, share and print.  Publish your work to Storybird’s public library or keep private. Share on your social networks, via email, or embed elsewhere. Order gorgeous printed books and poems as keepsakes and gifts.

Click below to below to register, and we’ll email you an electronic Consent Form. Once it’s completed, then you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access your first assignment. Returning members can simply login. Happy writing!

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Click here to login!

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