2019 Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Programs

I can hardly believe that its been almost 10 years! Since the summer of 2009, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has enhanced the quality of life for many. Throughout the years one thing I’ve learned is that no matter our differences, we all go through a lot in life. Some of us more than others. You don’t have to face those challenges alone.

It's been 10 years!

Hi, my name is Eric. As creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™, I’ve discovered a better way to deliver our writing program in 2019. We’re moving to Zoom! It’s like accessing Writing for the Soul Workshop™ from the palm of your hand. Literally. Zoom Video Conferencing let’s us talk, share our stories and process together. It also connects with tools we already use like Slack so you always have someone to talk to.

2019 Website Fly Out Online Every Thursday

Deep down, do you like helping people? Me too.

The writing program has been effective in schools, churches, Boys & Girls Club, and various other organizations. The impact is the same everywhere we go: many begin the healing process from whatever pain they’re feeling inside. They stop cutting, selling drugs, being promiscuous, bullying, and most importantly, they develop a love of writing to help them process all of their experiences in a healthy way.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ are tax‐deductible to the extent permitted by law. Who knows. Your donation could be the one that help us to prevent another teen suicide.

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Read for a cause. Include our entire collection of books as part of your digital library today. Your subscription to our Writing for the Soul Workshop eBook Shelf along with our proven evidence-based mentoring program can help a lot of people live a better life.

You could say that our Writing for the Soul Workshop program fills the need for books about trauma and abuse with deeper meanings to them. Books that leave the reader feeling inspired. Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, our books will leave you inspired and changed, like the authors who penned them. Subscribe now. During checkout, enter coupon code: WRITENOW


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