Five Ways You Can Be A Part Of The Writing For The Soul Process

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is a national mentoring program that invokes a passion for social emotional learning using writing, resources for healing, and skills for a lifetime while tackling the problems of mental, financial and educational inequality. During the course of this program, participants experience a trauma informed approach using writing as therapy as … Continue reading Five Ways You Can Be A Part Of The Writing For The Soul Process

The Bully Diaries Project

Through a unique and innovative community partnership with Stand for the Silent, we adapted our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program to give children and adults impacted by bullying a voice. The memoirs, art and poetry that we collected from around the world included the disabilities community, and was compiled in The Bully Diaries Volume I. … Continue reading The Bully Diaries Project

Our Top Book Sellers for the month of November: Sykyla and Jakyia Williams

We have a tie for first place in book sales this month! Sykyla and Jakyia Williams are sisters, and they access our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in Moro, Arkansas at New Life Ministries. Sykyla's story is featured in our book entitled 'This Thing Called Life: Life Inside the Ring', and Jakyia's story is featured in … Continue reading Our Top Book Sellers for the month of November: Sykyla and Jakyia Williams

WFTSW Intern: Raniya Williams

Getting what's on the inside ...out. To tell the truth, me and my siblings were in foster care for a year and a few months. Our foster-mother was very hard on us, and she cared for no one but herself. We wasn’t eating right, and we had no freedom at all. She was spending our … Continue reading WFTSW Intern: Raniya Williams

Earn Holiday Cash!

“This program offers students real opportunities to advance financially, but money is never the real problem. Every individual that we’ve ever impacted is currently -or has been a victim of some kind of pain. Financial resources to help them heal are a very much-needed piece of the puzzle if they are to ever truly experience … Continue reading Earn Holiday Cash!

Street Team Registration

During development, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ gave birth to some pretty amazing programs. As the program evolves, it continues to do so today. We are incredibly fortunate to be in a position to create a work force via our newest program. We call it our Street Team Program. Membership is free. Testimonial from Students … Continue reading Street Team Registration

WFTSW Intern: Naziah Smith

Well, where should I start? My name is Naziah, but people call me "Z" for short. Before joining this writing program, I shut every one out. The only place I'd share my life was in my Diary. I always thought, "No one cares. No one loves me." No matter how many times they said it, … Continue reading WFTSW Intern: Naziah Smith