WFTSW Intern: Naziah Smith

Well, where should I start? My name is Naziah, but people call me "Z" for short. Before joining this writing program, I shut every one out. The only place I'd share my life was in my Diary. I always thought, "No one cares. No one loves me." No matter how many times they said it, … Continue reading WFTSW Intern: Naziah Smith

WFTSW Intern: Makayla Morman

I normally wake up to loud yelling, but today something was strange. My mama, little brother and my little sisters were all still in bed. None of them were moving, so I went to try to wake them up. This all felt funny. Something was definitely NOT right. I tried to wake up my mama, … Continue reading WFTSW Intern: Makayla Morman

Timeless Memories: Forward by Pastor Keith Ross

First, I would like to thank my friend and brother Eric L. Jones, Sr. for giving me the opportunity to write this Forward. Our friendship has stood the test of time due to our developed love for one another growing up. Being a minister of the gospel, I must start with this scripture which is, … Continue reading Timeless Memories: Forward by Pastor Keith Ross

WFTSW Intern: A’Niaya Goodman

My story really doesn’t have it hard like other kids. I was raised with my mom and my step-dad. No, not in the projects but in a small apartment. I had more opportunities than other kids. Everyone would think I had it easy in life. That is not true. At the age of six, I … Continue reading WFTSW Intern: A’Niaya Goodman

Are you the one?

We are seeking twelve business owners to join our Youth Entrepreneurial Skills Online Advisory Board. Board members advise us concerning our Street Team Program. This program was developed to help youth living in poverty, earn money while learning critical job skills. Click here to read our full Proposal. For your tax-deductible donation of $2,500 you’ll … Continue reading Are you the one?

Dreading School by Jakyia

By the end of my fifth grade year, I was really beginning to hate school because I was being bullied. I dealt with kids calling me names, and calling me out of my name. The thing is, I had not said or done anything to them for them to be saying the things they were … Continue reading Dreading School by Jakyia

Hidden Shame by Lisa A. Griffiths

Nobody knows the mask that I wear, It looks like confidence but smells like fear.   If I could seem perfect than no one would know, What really happened all those nights long ago.   A little girl, her innocence forever betrayed, With nowhere to go, she was silent and stayed.   In time the … Continue reading Hidden Shame by Lisa A. Griffiths