Do You

Submitted by Ralston Do you know it feel to lose a partner? Do you know how it feels catching a charge? Taking lose after lose; I can’t stop’em. Judge gave Chris 30 behind bars;   Don’t nobody know your story. In their eyes you’re in the wrong. But I’ma tell you my story in this … Continue reading Do You

Letter for my Youth

Submitted by Greg In my city, it’s crazy. It goes from killing -to robing. Why we can’t come together as one team? Why we can’t bring the youth in and show them the way to live? Show them how to work? Show them how to give back to others? Show the youth how to become … Continue reading Letter for my Youth

The Reason Why I Changed

Submitted by Jordan Sometimes life gets too hard where you feel like you want to give up. On this night, for the first time I realized that I needed to change my ways. It was about 2AM Sunday morning. It was a very odd morning. There had been a little beef that happened between my … Continue reading The Reason Why I Changed


Elsie Varn Harrell ¦ Author Long before I even thought about writing seriously, I wrote.  As a teenager, if I had a fight with my boyfriend, I would write pages and pages about how I felt about things and him in particular.  I guess it was my way of letting off steam.  I know I … Continue reading WRITING IS GOOD THERAPY

Be the Change. Mentor.

“Every day, mentors in communities across our Nation provide crucial support and guidance to young people. Whether a day is spent helping with homework, playing catch, or just listening, these moments can have an enormous, lasting effect on a child’s life.” –President Barack Obama, Presidential Proclamation, National Mentoring Month. Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is … Continue reading Be the Change. Mentor.

These are not “bad” kids.

Imagine what it is like to be just 14, but have suffered abuse at home, being told that you are not wanted, or realizing that the streets would be safer than sure injury from someone in your family.  Imagine being too young to get a job or a place to live, but having to live … Continue reading These are not “bad” kids.

Pencils and Pages From Stop Six #26

Growing Up In Stop Six My name is Christopher, and I'm a student at Jacquet Middle School. Growing up in Stop Six is like having heaven and hell coming together as one. There is good and bad in this community. Nothing is perfect. I moved from one side of Ramey to the other, and to … Continue reading Pencils and Pages From Stop Six #26

Love Bizzell is making an impact!

My name is Love, and I'm a student at Jacquet Middle School. When I joined Writing for the Soul Workshop™, I simply wanted to learn how to make money promoting my story. But when I was offered an Internship, I realized that I could do so much more to help kids like me that have … Continue reading Love Bizzell is making an impact!

Pencils and Pages From West Central Sports Complex

Can you imagine what it would be like to grow up with the constant threat of death in your neighborhood, or the stress of being surrounded by violence and loss? What if I told you that almost one in four children in the United States today are in home situations just that stressful? That almost … Continue reading Pencils and Pages From West Central Sports Complex

Pencils and Pages From Stop Six

Never Give Up This night changed my life. I remember it like yesterday. It was a Saturday night around 12 pm when my mom comes home and she's really drunk. She goes into my sister's room and then started fighting and screaming. They started hitting each other. Me, I was in my room praying to … Continue reading Pencils and Pages From Stop Six