WFTSW Intern: Raniya Williams

Getting what's on the inside ...out. To tell the truth, me and my siblings were in foster care for a year and a few months. Our foster-mother was very hard on us, and she cared for no one but herself. We wasn’t eating right, and we had no freedom at all. She was spending our … Continue reading WFTSW Intern: Raniya Williams

WFTSW Intern: Naziah Smith

Well, where should I start? My name is Naziah, but people call me "Z" for short. Before joining this writing program, I shut every one out. The only place I'd share my life was in my Diary. I always thought, "No one cares. No one loves me." No matter how many times they said it, … Continue reading WFTSW Intern: Naziah Smith

10 Reasons Why We Will Never Franchise Our Programs Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we talked about how many small businesses and entrepreneurs create business expansion through franchising their product or service allowing others to bear the cost of their business expansion. In Part 1, we focused on key reasons that we would never franchise our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ programs. … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why We Will Never Franchise Our Programs Part 2

Is the Internet a basic human right?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, called Internet connectivity a basic human right. Our founder understands how we can benefit from a better global technology infrastructure, and more connected global population. That being said, is connectivity a basic human right? Is it as important as personal safety and adequate water and food? Do we ignore the myriad … Continue reading Is the Internet a basic human right?

After School Academic Success Program

“This is the next generation of leaders for our country ...” -John Barry, President and CEO of The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver Writing for the Soul Workshop™ was first labeled an Academic Success Program by the Boys & Girls Club Musgrave Unit in Springfield, Missouri. Character development has been the cornerstone of the … Continue reading After School Academic Success Program

Fundraising with an Impact

It was sheer circumstance that I stumbled upon these writers, and the book that they wrote is now a powerful addition to my library. I would encourage any out there with an interest in reading to support this program and these youth. The glimpses into the resiliency of the soul just might change your life.” -Benji … Continue reading Fundraising with an Impact