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The “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Project

Submit your short story, poem, music, and art for inclusion in the release of our next title in the Stories of Hope Series entitled, ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’.

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The Key to Nonprofit Success? Sutainability.

Nonprofit organizations impact our lives and our communities.  In fact, statistics show that more than 80% of the population will access services provided by a nonprofit organization in their lifetime.  If you doubt that number, think about all of the…

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10 Reasons Why We Will Never Franchise Our Programs Part 1

  Almost every small business reaches a point where they search for ways to quickly grow their brands and business. As a business owner, you feel like you have a great business model, and want to expand that model quickly…

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Writing for the Soul Workshop™: My Dad’s Legacy

When I was a little boy, my Dad told me that my very first words was “Daddy you bad”. When I was little, he and my mom split up. When he left, I kept everything he ever gave me in…

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