Chef NickFrom Special Tailored Menus, to complete event coordinating we at ChefNIC Catering accommodate to every groups longing. On all accounts we always work to produce quality over quantity. Size and Event type will not impede us in serving you. You label it and we will provide to you and your guests in a very exceptional way. We aim to please, and at the first meet, accommodate your expectations in every way we can. Secondly we will go above and beyond what you ever thought we could do or would do. We hope you will never have to question your hard earned money being put to work that is our promise to you.

Throughout high school, ChefNIC (Dominic Sean Parks Jr) had his mind set on becoming an architect. He cooked and baked in his early years, but that was something he did just as a hobby and to survive. After 3 years of college studying architectural design, ChefNIC’s path changed to cooking. He changed his major to Hospitality and Restaurant Management. ChefNIC is not afraid to step out the box when it comes to preparing his dishes. He has catered many, many events from small gatherings to weddings, graduation parties company dinners, carnivals, festivals and competitions. His goal has always been simple: start small with perfection and take the necessary steps to reach larger scales. His continued belief is that with God, “All Things are Possible.” Thank you ChefNIC for being a proud supporter of Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

ChefNIC Catering

225 S. Virginia Ave, Fayetteville AR, 72701

Phone: 479.301.7717

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