Step One

It all begins with our mentors. Mentors are the backbone of a successful workshop.  The Mentor to Participant relationship strengthens the engagement that participants have with the Workshop, and can also help facilitators better understand what motivates their participants. Watch this testimonial from our mentors in Marianna, Arkansas:

Step Two

When engaged, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ begins to eliminate emotional illiteracy in a unique way. Our Trauma Informed Approach combined with Emotional Intelligence helps participants to experience freedom mentally. Watch as Emotional Intelligence expert, Dr. Stevie Dawn explains the power of writing for the soul:

Step Three

During the course of the program, participants begin to build trusting and positive relationships with their mentors. They are guided through the steps of writing a rough draft, and publishing their story- to actually earning money from soft cover and eBook sales! These sales are very important. They help us to continue to provide our writing program at no cost them. Here’s a sample of one of our books:

Removing Chains of Abuse 96dpiTop customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars The collective voices of this anthology rise up By James on June 10, 2017 |Verified Purchase

The collective voices of this anthology rise up as a rightful specter over the insidious realities of child abuse in all its forms. Thank you to its authors for finding the courage to speak to child abuse’s immediate and long-lasting effects. Whether you are a similar victim – or not – the take-away from this worthy effort is one of great emotion and necessary education. Only through the later, can we cause change. A must read.


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