Life Inside The Ring by Writing for the Soul Workshop™

Cover No Boarder 96dpiLife doesn’t pull any punches.   From your first breath to your last, there are no “time outs” or “practice runs”; life just goes, hit after hit.  Although our children live in the best country in the world, generational poverty, single parent homes, addiction and violence impact one in every four children.  One out of every 6 children will be impacted by at least three traumatic events in childhood, which we now know will have long-term mental and physical health impacts.

Buy-Now-Amazon-ButtonIn the short-term, these tough environments mean shorter attention spans, behavioral issues, and “acting out” in an educational environment driven by “zero tolerance policies” that push our kids onto the ropes,  and into a life on the streets or worse.  We have to do better for our future. A portion of the proceeds from book sales goes to support Kingdom Boxing & Youth Outreach.

Community Partnership

Through an innovative partnership with Kingdom Boxing and Youth Outreach, the stories in Life Inside The Ring were collected from Writing for the Soul Workshop™ participants living in some of the most impoverished and violent neighborhoods in Arkansas and Texas. Using a trauma informed approach, our writing program helped the writers to get what was on the inside …out. For some of them, it started the healing process as a result.

Life Inside The Ring is the first release in the This Thing Called Life series. The stories in this book will help all of us understand how we can do better for our kids; the short stories, essays, and poems in this compilation give us a glimpse into some of the worst experiences our children face, and what they think can make things better.

Give a book. Impact a teen.

Life Inside The Rind retails in stores at $12.99, but you save when you partner with us to give this life-saving book away to students in Arkansas and Texas.

We will add customized labels to the book cover in honor of you, your church, business or loved one if you like. Simply complete the Contact Form below to begin your order. We’ll give you a call to help you complete your contribution.



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