Does your organization serve the youth or young adult population? Are you looking for sustainable, non grant source funding for your organization? Do you need a program that provides proven results in changing behavior and impacts all levels of your community?

TGIM understands how challenging it can be for organization leaders to find programs for their clients that provide both a positive experience for their clients, and a program whose funding is self sustaining.  Imagine how effective your organization can be with a program that benefits participants, and provides revenue back to your programs, with a wide range of funding activities.

Do Something Different! Get Certified!

Our Program Providers know that Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has not only PROVEN to be a very viable, and powerful tool for them, their participants also benefit in multiple ways.  As a Program Provider for Writing for the Soul Workshop™ you have access to a program that:

  • Offers proven success in retaining and growing program participation, increasing your program exposure in your community.  Click Here to find out why Writing for the Soul Workshop™ workshop participants love our program.
  • Provides a unique source funding vehicles for your entire organization, including merchandise that promotes your organization and community supporters. Click Here to see how our program provides source funding back to your organization
  • Requires minimal start up resources and financing to help get you started.  Click Here to find out more about our certification program.
  • Meets program participants on their level, and provides tools for improvement in their writing and reading skills.  Click Here to learn more about our curriculum.
  • Delivers results that help your organization fulfill your mission in the community.  Click Here to learn more about the benefits of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ for participants.

To broaden the reach of this incredible program, we looked at how the program could be modified to include Individuals with Differential Abilities. Understanding the unique challenges to working with these individuals, the developer of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ worked closely with organizations, and individuals that could bring ideas and unique perspective to how our core curriculum could be modified to help individuals with differential abilities express their story too. To do what their peers are doing in the program around the world: getting what’s on the inside …out.

The result of this effort was realizing the importance of a unique plan for each individual participant, and a focus on activities that allow for creative expression through art, and story telling, still producing a work of expression included in Writing for the Soul Workshop™ for group publishing. That’s correct. Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has been adapted to include Individuals with Differential Abilities.


“For the first three hours of his life, Eric was a healthy baby boy. My first born son. I was 20 years old, and my new wife and I were so happy …well at least for the first three hours. I’ll never forget when Dr. Wiscomb walked into our room and informed us that Eric had developed the worst kind of meningitis and that Eric probably wouldn’t live a month and that we should consider making burial arrangements. We were devastated to say the least.

Not only did Eric live to be a month old, he is now over 252 months old today! As a result of the meningitis, Eric is legally blind and has Cerebral Palsy. Since his birth, Eric has continued to do things that doctors said he’d never do besides living. He loves walking (something doctors said he would never do), playing basketball, Connect Four, WII, flying kites, singing, and he especially loves Writing for the Soul Workshop™. He’s my best friend, adviser, and TGIM Ambassador to Individuals with Differential Abilities. He is one of big reasons that this program exists.” -Eric L. Jones, Sr., Program Developer.

Donna Kimbrough, with New Northside Baptist Church in St. Louis provided some great insights on why this program is so important for her participants and for the community.

“The City of St. Louis, like many metropolitan areas in the US, has this lost generation of souls….. a portion of our young people are doing good while another portion are dropping out. To catch a child that is falling through the cracks or going through severe personal problems; like a parent on drugs or being abused in some way….. to catch them when their most vulnerable so if they can’t talk about it, they’ll write about it.” -Donna Kimbrough

After experiencing Writing for the Soul Workshop™, this educator in the Philippines shared her experience with the program:

“This program has been very useful, and a powerful means to help our young minds handle stress while learning. It gives inspiration to their studies to help them meet their ambitions.”

Educator Sarah Lankford, Special Education Teacher in the State of Missouri had this to say:

“This workshop is truly amazing and will touch whoever chooses to embrace it and dig deep into themselves.”

Abrianna with the Mayor

Include Writing for the Soul Workshop™ as a viable component to your Youth Programs, State Agency, School or Mentoring Organization. Use the Contact Form below to register today. Registration is free and financing for Certification is available. Call us at: 682.235.TGIM (8446) for more information or use the form below!

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