TGIM Digital Publishing hosted its first Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Expo in Daveo City located in The Philippines. This was made possible through a collaboration with Eric Suan, Country Director for a nonprofit foundation helping children in the Philippines.  TGIM paid an honorarium to collect stories, conduct the Expo and to fund a trip to Del Monte Elementary in Agusan del Sur.

The Expo was hosted via live video feed, and the participants in attendance shared their stories with us. The trip to Del Monte Elementary included feeding the kids there, and providing our powerful curriculum to the 5th and 6th graders there. The stories we collected during our Expo in Davao City and in Agusan del Sur have been compiled into Pieces of Me from the Philippines, in Soft Cover and eBook. Although we were not able to continue our initial partnership, TGIM is vetting local area organizations there to ensure that proceeds from the book go to help children of Davao City and Agusan del Sur who are in desperate need of relief and a way to fund their pursuit of higher learning.

About Pieces of Me from The Philippines

When we think of living the “Island Life”, we imagine cool breezes, warm sands, beautiful surroundings and life at an easy pace.  We think of the beauty of being surrounded by ocean vistas, peace and tranquility listening to the waves crashing on the shore.  For Filipino’s in the Davao Region, ”Island Life” means  rebuilding from past typhoons and armed conflict between the government, and the Islamic Moro rebels, adding bombings and gunfire to mar the tranquility and beauty.

But even under these circumstances, Filipinos are resilient and confident in the future.  In these stories, they write about the challenges of rebuilding after a typhoon, and living in a war-torn area, but they also write about their dreams for the future, and finding the best in difficult situations.

Pieces of Me from the Philippines also includes Bonus Content from TGIM Voices Author, Courteney Hall. As one of her first works as a member of Writing for the Soul Workshop™, Courteney wrote a poem for the Philippines to help show her support.

Saving the Philippines

By: Courteney Hall

Dedicated to the families of dear loved ones who were lost during Typhoon Haiyan.Their remembrance shall be treasured through these passionate words.

Tragic sights are what are seen of the once beautiful Philippines.

We open our hearts and ask “What can we do?”

All I know is that it is up to me and you.

Extravagant homes were blown away by the fierce, malevolent winds of the typhoon. 

Debris and smog filled the once blue sky.

I notice the tear-streaked faces from the people’s cries.

So again, we begin to wonder how we can help.

The videos we watch and the pictures we observe seem less than real.

We soon begin wondering less about ourselves and more about how the Filipinos feel.

Wanting to help them heal, recover from their loss, and provide resources no matter the cost.

We open our arms for a warm, friendly welcome; placing smiles on their faces while they’re going through drastic changes.

We can’t allow such tragedy to hinder the lives of our dear Filipinos.

We must help them as the loving and caring Americans we are.

So let us suppress the crisis and comfort the victims in their time of need.

And surely we will be blessed for our heavenly good deeds.

TGIM Books Pieces of me from The Philippines


6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
84 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1537372341
ISBN-10: 1537372343
BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Literary

Purchase a copy of the book or download the eBook and enjoy it from your favorite device today! Stay connected with updates from our workshops in Asia on Facebook at:Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in Asia.

$9.99 USD
$12.99 USD


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