COVID-19 Response Update

93% of the students accessing our program in Arkanas shared that Writing for the Soul Workshop™ helps them to cope with anxiety, and boredom associated with social isolation.

Why Do I Want To Be A Mentor?

As a mentor, my goal is to help decrease the juvenile incarceration rate to 0%. To help shift these negative paths towards something great.

Join our Board

We are seeking twelve business owners to join our Youth Entrepreneurial Skills Online Advisory Board. Board members advise us concerning our Street Team Program. This program was developed to help youth living in poverty, earn money while learning critical job skills. Click here to read our full Proposal. For your tax-deductible donation of $2,500 you’ll … Continue reading Join our Board

These are not “bad” kids.

Imagine what it is like to be just 14, but have suffered abuse at home, being told that you are not wanted, or realizing that the streets would be safer than sure injury from someone in your family.  Imagine being too young to get a job or a place to live, but having to live … Continue reading These are not “bad” kids.

Pencils and Pages From Stop Six #26

Growing Up In Stop Six My name is Christopher, and I'm a student at Jacquet Middle School. Growing up in Stop Six is like having heaven and hell coming together as one. There is good and bad in this community. Nothing is perfect. I moved from one side of Ramey to the other, and to … Continue reading Pencils and Pages From Stop Six #26

Pencils and Pages From West Central Sports Complex

Larry Gilmore, Director at West Central Sports Complex understands that a Trauma Informed Approach is imperative; this is why he's added our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program as an option for students during Spring Break.

Pencils and Pages From Stop Six

Using writing as a Social Emotional Learning tool, our program helps youth and young adults to manage the impact of emotions on their relationships with others.

Footnotes on My Journey by Nichole Pace

Man, I LOVED being outside. What my elders used to say, “Out there in those streets where you ain got no bitness bein.” From nine years old, the earliest recollection I have of my childhood, you couldn’t tell me NOTHIN. Hell yeah, I loved being in the streets where I was jumped at least once … Continue reading Footnotes on My Journey by Nichole Pace

We all have a story to tell. This is mine. 

Product of my Environment Truth be told, I don't want to say that I'm just like you because we're all different and unique in our own way. Honestly, some have said that I'm worse than most.  They've said things like, "Jerel, you're possessed by demon." or things like "Death is following you." In my youth … Continue reading We all have a story to tell. This is mine.