Writing for the Soul Workshop™


Love Bizzell is making an impact!

My name is Love, and I’m a student at Jacquet Middle School. When I joined Writing for the Soul Workshop™, I simply wanted to learn how to make money promoting my story. But when I was offered an Internship, I…

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Stay comfy in our Life Inside The Ring t-shirt.

Look smooth and feel comfortable as you travel your path in this thing called life. Life Inside The Ring t-shirts feel soft, and will remind those who have been knocked down to get back up. Youth S M L XL:…

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Stay comfy in our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Hoodie.

Stay comfy this Fall in our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Hoodie. No child is born bad. Hurt people hurt people. Wearing this hoodie shows you care for those carrying around pain on the inside, and that writing can help. Sales…

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Is the Internet a basic human right?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, called Internet connectivity a basic human right. Our founder understands how we can benefit from a better global technology infrastructure, and more connected global population. That being said, is connectivity a basic human right? Is it…

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Fundraising with an Impact

It was sheer circumstance that I stumbled upon these writers, and the book that they wrote is now a powerful addition to my library. I would encourage any out there with an interest in reading to support this program and these…

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