Reminiscing about my childhood as I write this, I can’t remember a time when I was not in church. I was baptized at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church at the age of nine. By the time I was 13, I was teaching Sunday School. I come from a long line of pastors, first ladies, Eastern Stars and Masons. So when I first began to awake from the slumber of religion, it was one of the loneliest times in my life.

I can’t explain it. Watching my family, loved ones and the men I served along side of in different ministries sin, and go to church like it was nothing began to make me sick to my stomach. Then for some reason, I simply did not want to celebrate holidays anymore.  It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally realized what was happening to me. I was experiencing God’s judgments. When I lived like those around me, or celebrated holidays things didn’t work out for me. Not in my marriage, not as a parent,  not in my friendships and especially not in business. So I stopped going to church and celebrating holidays. I was alone for about 2 years.

One day, I went to visit my cousin. (At the time I knew him only by his government name.) We were talking and catching up when out of the blue he said, “Cousin, you know we are Hebrews right?” Little did he know at the time that his question would led to a dialog that would change my whole life. I began to do research, and read books about history. My history. I found videos on YouTube like this one:

Beginning this journey of truth was so amazing and refreshing for me! I wanted to share it with everyone I knew! Not everyone shared my excitement though. Especially many of those that I loved the most. I don’t know what was worse feeling all alone, or being rejected and scorned for choosing to keep The Most High’s commandments and laws. I suffered a miasma of emotions, and I know that I’m not the only one. That’s why I decided to implement  The #WriteForJacob Project as an alternative to my Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

My Approach

I want The Twelve Tribes of Jacob waking up all around the world to know that …you are not alone. I don’t want you to carry the feelings of anger, resentment, hurt, disappointment and loneliness around like I did. That’s why I’m offering our resources as a way to help you to get what’s on the inside …out. Our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ philosophy is based on the fact that powerful emotions have a powerful voice; and that when we get what is on the inside out in the form of writing, we take control of those feelings.

Our Impact

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Developer, Eric Jones gives our product for participants to sell and keep the cash.
Eric is pictured here giving out Download Cards of eBooks written by Writing for the Soul Workshop™ participants to youth in Kansas City, MO to sell and keep the cash for back to school supplies.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is pleased to offer a powerful and exciting platform for The Twelve Tribes scattered everywhere to get what’s on the inside …out. We’re collecting short stories, poems, art, & music from our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ participants as well as the young and old from around the world for the next release in our Stories of Hope series.

The #WriteForJacob Project empowers those that choose to participate with real resources to:

1. heal emotionally

2. become published authors

3. inspire our brothers and sisters everywhere

4. connect with brothers and sisters just like you

5. earn money promoting eBooks by Writing for the Soul Workshop™

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ participants around the world have shared their stories with us and are published. Through our experience, we understand how sharing our stories’ helps the healing process and unlock doors packed with tremendous WOW Factors. Here’s a sample story from Stories of Hope by Donavan Potts:

Donovon signs an autograph for his Mayor.
Donavan signs an autograph for his Mayor.

Walking Tall, Stories of Hope Vol I         

My name is Donavan Potts.  For some of you reading this, in case you don’t already know: I was born with Spinal Bifida.  It effects my walking, so I have to wear leg braces, walk on crutches and sometimes I even have to ride in a wheel chair.

Because of my disability I am stereotyped and made fun of.  Kids have often called me crippled.  I think it’s because they don’t really know me, so they assume.  It doesn’t change the fact that it hurts to be called names, but if they knew me, then they’d know that I can do all sorts of things.  I don’t view my disability as a big deal.  I can play basketball, soccer, baseball and tag.  Plus I like to lift weights.

How many people can say that they physically saved another life?  I can!  Back in 2005, I saved my cousin from drowning.  Because I swim like a fish, I jumped in and saved him.  It was even published in the Joplin Globe!

Yeah, a lot of my peers call me cripple, but if they only knew how the doctors told my mother that I’d never sit up on my own, then they’d call me a miracle.  It’s okay.  After reading this, they’ll have to call me other things like: published, or author.  Either one is fine with me! 

TGIM Books: Stories of HopeEvery submission will receive a free Stories of Hope Vol II eBook as our way of saying, “Thank you.”

This compilation of heart wrenching, and cathartic short stories were written by authors participating in Writing for the Soul Workshop™ around the world.  Through a unique structure offering both engagement and reward, this workshop brings education and passion together in a way that offers permanent life changing impact.  As noted in the forward by educator Sarah Lankford, these unique and amazing individuals have received a rare opportunity to share a story they needed to share …and develop a love of writing as a result.

Review: “I read Stories of Hope last Friday, and found it remarkable. At first, I tried to choose one story to focus on in social media posts,but quickly realized that it would be impossible to choose. I began reading the book by highlighting the titles of the most moving stories, and by the time I had finished, every title was highlighted. It’s a phenomenal compilation.” -K. Beduhn

Please do not submit manuscripts that contain any of the following: obscene or explicit material, unnecessary profanity, vulgarity, or inappropriate or graphic love scenes. Any material considered for publication that is found to be graphic  will require a mandatory edit of the material and may result in a rejection of the material.

click-here-to-register-now-buttonPlease note that we do not publish graphic material. Therefore, you may be asked to remove graphic material or language. If you choose to submit by postal mail or electronically, those manuscripts will not be returned and will be deleted or destroyed if not accepted for publication. Please retain at least one copy of your manuscript when submitting a hard copy or electronic version for our consideration and review. Click on the Register Now Button, or email your submission to

About the Developer

Writing is like recovery to me.  It is a journey of both despair and victory.  The process can be hard.  When we find ourselves face to face with our lifelong hurts, hang-ups, and baits, the situation can seem bleak.  This is the reality of writing, but not the beauty of it.  For me, the beauty of writing is what happens when you get what is on the inside …out.  It sets me free.  Free to share my hurts, my failure, and my pain.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ was named a Boys and Girls Club Academic Success Program.  Youth are currently assessing my program here in North America, Africa, Asia and Australia.  If you’ve never seen a kid that’s been told all their life “you ain’t never gonna amount to nothing” sign their first autograph and pose  for pictures with the media …it’s amazing.  It’s life changing.  -Eric L. Jones, Sr., Creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™

Jedediah Reloaded by Eric L. Jones, Sr. 

As a Hebrew by birth awakening from the slumber of religion, Jedediah is wanted for murders that he didn’t commit. Prepare to get delightfully lost in the pages of this thriller as he shares the tale of his arrest for the murders of the Mayor’s daughter, a decorated Kansas City Narcotics Detective and a college student. Will Jedediah’s head on collision with a bad cop cost him his freedom …or maybe even his life?

Jedediah Reloaded by Eric L. Jones, Sr.

$9.99 USD
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