Vintage Stock is your entertainment superstore! From the newest hit movies, music, and video games to the rarest comics, toys, and memorabilia, Vintage Stock is the only store to have it all! Everything you want, all in one store. What do we buy and sell?

  • Movies: Blu-ray, DVDs, even VHS! (While we sell all genres of VHS movies, at this time, we are only buying “Kids content” VHS)
  • Music: CDs & LPs
  • Video Games: Both vintage & new consoles and games, accessories, and guides
  • Collectibles: comic books, toys, novelties, posters, memorabilia
  • Cards: sports cards and collectible game cards, like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, & Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Books: Our Joplin, MO and V∙Stock locations carry books, both classic and new best-sellers.

We also offer other great services to help our customers:

  • Rentals: Movies & Video Games can be rented, with the option to buy after you try!
  • Special Orders: Every location has access to the massive inventory of the entire company, and will ship directly to you.
  • Disc Repair: Got a scratched disc that skips or won’t play at all? Vintage Stock can repair most damaged DVDs or CDs
  • Knowledgeable staff: Our sales associates have a wide range of knowledge about the products we carry!

Founded in 1980, in Joplin, Missouri, Vintage Stock was originally called Book Barn and sold used books. As time progressed, we have diversified the product line to include other new and pre-owned products, including music, movies, video games, sports collectibles, trading cards, games, comics and toys.

In 2002, Vintage Stock was totally acquired by a group led by Rodney Spriggs, Steve Wilcox, and Ken Caviness. Since then, Vintage Stock has opened new stores across the midwest, expanding into brand-new markets, like Oklahoma City, Topeka, and St. Louis. In 2006, Vintage Stock also acquired the Dallas Area “Movie Trading Co.” locations from Blockbuster, which offer over a million titles to choose from in Movies, Music and Video Games.

Today, there are over 40 locations in 5 states to serve you, and Vintage Stock just keeps growing, thanks to loyal customers like you. Visit Vintage Stock online for locations and more!

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