WFTSW LogoWriting for the Soul Workshop™ was developed by Eric L. Jones, Sr., and was successfully replicated in 2016 through collaborations with educators, psychologists, sociologists, clergymen and business consultants around the world. So far, there is not another writing program like it in the world that improves performance on state test results, and reduces repeat juvenile offenders -while stimulating our economy by creating tomorrow’s writers …today.

Better writers develop into better readers. Better readers do better in life.  Providing our participants with hope is our mission. In addition to a writing program curriculum that far exceeds the Common Core Standards, our program providers also access TGIM verified curricula by Bill King, Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Stinks.  This powerful combination promises a life changing experiences for everyone involved in Writing for the Soul Workshop™,  whether as a participant or a Program Provider.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is a vibrant program that invokes a passion for writing, resources for healing, and skills for a lifetime while tackling global problems like social, financial and educational inequity. Certified Program Providers of  Writing for the Soul Workshop™,  offer tools that help make a positive impact on youth’s lives in their community and abroad.

Through our Certification Program (A.P.R.I.L.©), your mentoring organization too, can unleash an arsenal of tools readily accessible by your participants to help them with life NOW. Tools like: the Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Curriculum, access to licensed therapists, publishing and global distribution, and our TGIM Affiliate’s Program.

KidzZone2Do you serve kids? Then you know how challenging it can be to keep them engaged! Our Kidz Zone Curriculum is an amazing way to impact youth in a life changing way! Click for more information on our Kidz Zone!

As a certified provider,  you will also receive our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Kidz Zone Curriculum, based on Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Stinks, teaching kids how to identify negative thought patterns and replace it with SWEET thinking.


We’ve been delighted with what others have had to say about our writing program! We’re sure that you will be too.


I loved the workshop because I got to write what I wanted. I am glad that I can write that I am an author on my resume for a job. I had fun when we to Vintage Stock to sign books. I also liked it when I sold all the books that I did. — Moriah Cormican, Student

I’ve been attending the workshop every Monday. I really like it! It helps me get stuff out on paper and not keep it inside. — Tadrien Hill, Student


This is an opportunity to connect with our students outside of the parameters of school and promote literacy. The workshop offers instruction in writing, illustration, publishing, and marketing. The students will have a chance to become a published author through group and individual projects. The workshop gives them a platform from which to speak to the world. It also gives the facilitators a chance to demonstrate love and acceptance. — Naomi Austin, Educator in Missouri

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has not only PROVEN to be a very viable and powerful tool for our customers, but their participants also benefit in multiple ways.  Writing for the Soul Workshop™ differ from other “writing as therapy” type programs because our participants have the opportunity to become published authors, and earn an income based on a self created marketing strategy with expert advice. This long term financial opportunity for participants creates a strong desire to continue moving forward, and to keep making positive life choices.

Include Writing for the Soul Workshop™ as a viable component to your NPO, State Agency, School or Mentoring Program. Certification for 3 people. For more information call us at: 682.235.TGIM, or use the Contact Form below.



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