Writing for the Soul Workshop™ was developed by Eric L. Jones, Sr., and was successfully replicated in 2016 through collaborations with educators, psychologists, sociologists, clergymen and business consultants around the world. So far, there is not another writing program like it that improves performance on state test results, and reduces repeat juvenile offenders -while stimulating our economy by creating tomorrow’s writers …today. Better writers develop into better readers. Better readers do better in life.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is packed with tools that help make a positive impact on youth’s lives in their community and abroad. Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is a dynamic and innovative writing program that is currently growing at a remarkable rate globally. During this self-paced course, program providers walk participants through the steps from conceptualizing to actually selling their very own book!


“I loved the workshop because I got to write what I wanted. I am glad that I can write that I am an author on my resume for a job. I had fun when we to Vintage Stock to sign books. I also liked it when I sold all the books that I did.” —Moriah Cormican, Student

“I’ve been attending the workshop every Monday. I really like it! It helps me get stuff out on paper and not keep it inside.” — Tadrien Hill, Student


“…Eric is currently conducting one of his workshops in-house with our students. I have been completely blown away by the response that our students have given Eric and this program. I have kids in class who struggle to write a sentence for me, write an entire page in a few minutes for Eric! Kids who have declared loud and clear to me, “I don’t write. I don’t like to write. I can’t write. You can’t make me write” who end up writing; and write from their gut. Some of the responses from my kids:

* “I love this workshop. I have never wanted to write before. Now I do.”

* “I can’t believe that I am going to be a published author!”

* “I want to write a book now!”

This workshop is truly amazing and will touch whoever chooses to embrace it and dig deep into themselves.” -Sarah Lankford, Special Education Teacher, State of Missouri

“This is an opportunity to connect with our students outside of the parameters of school and promote literacy. The workshop gives them a platform from which to speak to the world. It also gives the facilitator a chance to demonstrate love and acceptance.” — Naomi Austin, Educator in Missouri

Who Can Join?

Anyone can participate in our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ regardless of age or ability. All you have to do is sign up! EVERYONE is assigned to an online classroom. It’s a great and safe way for our participants to stay connected.

Our online classrooms are powered by Storybird.  Storybird allows us to create a safe, positive community for creativity. It also allows you to make visual stories in seconds. Storybird curates artwork from illustrators and animators around the world that inspires writers of any age to turn those images into fresh stories.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Online is a nine-month course. You will receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. Each month, you’ll be given assignments to complete. You can move at your own pace, so no matter how long it takes you to complete your assignment it’s okay. You’ve got amazing writing inside of you. Uncover it! Discover it! You have permission to explore, fail and soar to writing abilities you never thought you had! Everyone produces at least one new piece with the option of group publishing and to earn royalties.

click-here-to-register-now-buttonOur developer has created curricula for all ages regardless of ability. ANYONE can access Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and experience the maximum impact of our writing program online. Membership is free!



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